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Is Your Furnace Aggravating Your Winter Allergies?

Is Your Furnace Aggravating Your Winter Allergies?

Let us start by saying that we know that at the time of this blog’s posting, winter still seems like a distant concern. But, do you remember what your mother said about the early bird? The early bird avoids hacking, sneezing, weepy eyes, and all other sorts of terrible winter allergies. Okay — maybe that isn’t quite how the saying goes, but we think you understand what we’re trying to get at here. No one wants to deal with allergies in the wintertime, but if your furnace, air filters, and air ducts are dirty with allergens, you’re not going to have much of a choice.

In today’s blog from Arthur Hagar Air Conditioning and Heating in Fort Worth, we’re taking a look at some of the causes of winter allergies and what can be done to mitigate or eliminate them. Read on to learn more, or if you already know that you are in need of help with residential HVAC service and repair, contact us to schedule a maintenance appointment.

What Is Causing Your Winter Allergies?

While lots of people in Fort Worth struggle with some degree of winter allergies due to our mostly temperate climate, many of those people find that their allergies are actually exacerbated when they are at home. If you feel that this is the case for you, then you may want to look to your home’s HVAC system for the solutions you need to start feeling better.

Dirty Air Ducts

Over time, the air ducts in your home can accumulate dirt, pollen, dust, hair, and other debris that are hidden from your sight and not an obvious culprit when it comes to your weeping eyes and running nose. What’s worse is that most people don’t have the tools to be able to clean out their air ducts, so there really is little to be done about it without the help of a professional HVAC or air duct cleaning company.

Depending on how much dust and dirt enter your home, whether you own pets or not, and how many people are living in your home (more people means more skin cells, hair, and dust kick-up), cleaning your air filters every three to five years is a good idea and a great way to reduce winter allergens from your heater.

Dirty Air Filters

At Arthur Hagar Air Conditioning and Heating, we’ve been serving residents of the greater Fort Worth area for 70 years. If there is anything that we have learned in that time, it is that the vast majority of people don’t clean or change their air filters often enough. A dirty air filter won’t work properly and actually can contribute to reduced efficiency, higher-than-necessary utility costs, and even cause damage to your furnace if left unchanged for too long. It can also make your allergies worse as your forced-air HVAC system pulls all of the air through the dirty filter before warming it and spreading it around your home.

Chancing your air filter regularly isn’t just a good way to reduce allergens in your home’s air, it’s also an important part of regular furnace maintenance and care. Make sure to keep clean air filters at the top of your priority list to increase the efficiency and longevity of your furnace.

A Dirty Furnace

In the case that your air ducts and air filter have been utterly neglected, you may have debris buildup in your furnace. When this happens, allergen particles are pushed out through your air ducts and into your home even after you have changed your air filter. Beyond just causing coughing, sleeping problems, and general misery for the allergic members of your family, a dirty furnace likely won’t operate at optimal performance levels, and if left alone long enough, may even be damaged.

While we urge you to make sure to get your furnace cleaned, we don’t encourage you to do it yourself. Beyond the risk of injury to an inexperienced person working on such a complex system, the likelihood of damaging your system while cleaning it yourself means that you are much better off leaving the job to a professional HVAC service and repair team like Arthur Hagar Air Conditioning and Heating.

What Else Can Be Done To Help?

Beyond the specific solutions mentioned above, there are a few things you probably want to consider. Regular vacuuming and dusting of your home is one of the best ways to reduce allergens in your HVAC system. Additionally, some people prefer to switch from disposable air filters to permanent HEPA air filters. The only drawback is that while they are generally more effective at catching particles, they also require regular cleaning to do their job right. Finally, for people who simply can’t get away from their allergies due to allergen-ridden air in their home, you can always take the drastic measure of installing a radiant heat system to replace your forced-air system.

Schedule an Appointment for Your Furnace Service or Repair Today

No matter what allergy-related needs you may have, scheduling proactive HVAC service and repair for your home is the best way to keep ahead of problems. To make sure your furnace and home are ready for winter, call us, or fill out our online form to make an appointment.

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