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One of the most important aspects of maintaining a comfortable home is maintaining a comfortable temperature. If you are having trouble with your air conditioner, heat pump, or furnace, it can make you want to spend your time anywhere but at home. Arthur Hagar is here to help! Our expert team has been serving the Fort Worth community since 1949, and we’ll make HVAC repairs as easy and stress-free as possible. Trust Fort Worth’s Top Rated Local® HVAC specialists, and call today to schedule your service appointment!

Warning Signs of a Broken HVAC System

Warning Signs of a Broken HVAC System

Especially in a place like Texas, where we can experience some extreme temperatures, your heating and cooling system can be subject to a lot of wear and tear. No unit lasts forever, but with the right replacement parts and repair services, you can help your HVAC system last longer. But how do you know when to make the call? Arthur Hagar is here for all of Fort Worth’s heating and air conditioning repair needs, and we’ve outlined a few issues you should look for when considering scheduling a service call. If you do need HVAC repairs, we hope you’ll choose us. With a history of dedicated customer service since 1949, we’ll make sure your home stays comfortable through every season. Call us today for fast and friendly repairs!

Uncomfortable Temperatures

The easiest sign of trouble to spot is if your heating and cooling system simply isn’t heating and cooling your home the way it should. There are more than a few possible reasons why your HVAC isn’t responding, and the highly trained technicians hired by Arthur Hagar are qualified to handle every one. It may be a mechanical problem with your furnace or AC unit, or it may be your thermostat that isn’t working properly. We’ll diagnose the issue and come prepared to make repairs. If it’s beyond our ability to fix, we can help you find a replacement!

Strange Sounds or Smells

Another warning sign to look for is any troubling sounds or smells emanating from your HVAC system. Your heater or air conditioner will naturally make noise as it cycles on and off, but if you hear popping, clanking, grinding, or another sound that seems out of the ordinary, then it’s time to consider calling in the experts. You should also be wary of unpleasant smells, especially if you detect a smoky or burned odor. A properly running HVAC system should be quiet, clean, and neutral-smelling.

Frequent Cycling

As we mentioned, it’s natural for your HVAC system to cycle on and off as it adjusts the temperature of your home to your liking. However, if you hear it turn on and off more frequently than usual, then that may be a sign that it is struggling to keep up with your preferred settings. Something may be hindering its efficiency, like dirty air filters or holes or gaps in your ductwork. Arthur Hagar’s expert technicians will find the source of the issue and explain what steps you can take to solve it.

High Utility Bills

Your monthly utility bills are an excellent gauge of your HVAC system’s condition and performance. The amount you pay will fluctuate with the seasons, but if you notice that your bills are creeping higher without explanation, then there’s a very good chance that your heating and cooling system is struggling, even if you don’t notice any of the symptoms listed above. The Arthur Hagar team is well qualified and experienced, and one of our technicians will hunt down the cause of your high costs before it leads to bigger, more expensive problems.

Are you starting to notice issues with your HVAC system? Turn to Fort Worth’s Top Rated Local® HVAC specialists for help. We will quickly a schedule a service call and send one of our licensed technicians to return your unit to peak condition. Contact our team today for top-notch HVAC repairs!

Why Repair Sooner Rather Than Later?

So your furnace or AC unit is making a funny sound or taking a little longer to reach the temperature you set. It’s not such a big deal, so why worry about repairs now? That may be what you’re thinking, but with more than 50 years of experience servicing HVAC systems throughout Fort Worth, the Arthur Hagar team knows that putting off repairs can come with serious consequences. Read on for a few ways delays can cost you, and contact Arthur Hagar today to schedule a service call!

Save Your Money

As we mentioned before, mechanical problems or other issues leading to inefficiencies can cause the number on your utility bills to rise. Chances are slim that the problem will resolve itself, and without the help of an expert technician like those on staff with Arthur Hagar, you may face even higher bills. You might be avoiding HVAC repairs to avoid the cost, but ignoring problems with your heating and cooling system will only cost you more, particularly in the long run.

Keep Your Home Comfortable

Many HVAC systems these days are made to be as efficient and effective as possible, but if there is an issue you’re choosing not to address, your unit simply can’t run as well as it should. It won’t be able to control the climate of your home as well as you would like, or it will use more energy than typically necessary to reach the temperatures you have set. To truly enjoy a cozy, comfortable home, you’ll want to schedule repairs to make sure your heating and cooling system is in peak condition.

Don’t Let Problems Get Worse

One of the biggest consequences of ignoring repairs is the possibility – or inevitability – of the issue becoming worse. What might be a quick fix today may be an expensive endeavor in a month or two. Without professional repairs, your HVAC system will likely continue to perform poorly, make noise, leak, or produce unpleasant smells, and if you wait too long, you may need to buy a replacement unit rather than pay for repairs.

Stay Safe

One thing you should keep in mind when weighing whether or not to call for repairs is the fact that your heating and cooling system is a big piece of equipment that uses electricity and may also utilize a more volatile substance like gas. Some issues, if neglected, can lead to real dangers, like the possibility of fire. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and Arthur Hagar recommends investing in a quick inspection and advice from an expert.

Arthur Hagar has long been a leading HVAC service provider in Fort Worth for a reason: we care about our customers. You are our friends, family, and neighbors, and we are dedicated to making sure your home is safe and comfortable year-round. Don’t wait to make HVAC repairs call it’s too late. Contact Arthur Hagar today!

When to Call for Emergency HVAC Repairs

Every homeowner will need to call for HVAC repairs at some point, but how do you know when a problem can’t wait for regular business hours? Below, we have listed a few troubling symptoms that would justify an emergency service call. If you experience anything on the list, contact the Arthur Hagar team, and we’ll send out an expert technician as soon as possible.

Arthur Hagar offers the Fort Worth community 24-hour emergency repair services to help address problems quickly and effectively, and our technicians are trained and able to handle HVAC systems from any brand. You can also rest assured that we’ll treat you and your home with respect no matter the hour. Read on for more information, and call Arthur Hagar to learn more about our emergency services today!

Loud Noises

We have already mentioned that strange noises are a warning sign you should watch for. Bumping or rattling sounds deserve the attention of an expert, but can probably wait for normal business hours. Very loud noises deserve more immediate attention, especially if it’s a particularly worrisome sound, such as an explosion or shrieking or grinding. If you think you’ll lose sleep over the issue, call Arthur Hagar, and we’ll be there as soon as possible to help you determine the cause and the solution.

Burning Smell

Unpleasant odors is another warning sign we discussed. Certain odors, however, can indicate more serious problems than others. Heating and cooling systems utilize electricity and, in some cases, gas, which means that a burning smell should be an immediate red flag. You should also be on high alert if you smell gas. In immediately dangerous situations, such as fire, 911 should always be your first call. For uncomfortable situations where you’re not sure if what you detect poses a hazard, the Arthur Hagar team is here to help diagnose and address the issue.

High Temperatures

Here in Texas, we don’t often have to worry about dangerously cold temperatures, but we do experience dangerously hot conditions. A broken AC unit during the summer can put you and your family at risk for heat stroke, dehydration, and other serious health concerns. If your air conditioning stops working in high temperatures, we strongly encourage you to call Arthur Hagar and take advantage of our 24-hour emergency services. We will do our best to address the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can stay healthy and return to cooler, more comfortable everyday life.

Arthur Hagar has been providing the Fort Worth community with high-quality HVAC repairs and an unparalleled dedication to customer service since 1949, which is why we offer 24-hour emergency repair services. You deserve to have your concerns addressed in a timely manner, especially when problems may threaten the safety of your home or the health of your family. When you need expert help, please don’t hesitate to contact Arthur Hagar!

Why You Should Call the Professionals

These days, there are manuals and tutorials online for everything from how to use a screwdriver to instructions for building a car. When you run into trouble with your heating and cooling system, you may be tempted to try and do the repairs yourself, but there are advantages to depending on trained professionals. Here are five reasons why you should put down the toolbox and call Arthur Hagar!

1. Save Time

You may be able to find a reliable video or article detailing everything you need to know to address the problems you’re having with your HVAC system, but it will take you far more time to complete repairs this way than it would for one of Arthur Hagar’s highly trained technicians. You need to investigate the symptoms you’ve noticed, find a reliable source diagnosing the problem, search for solutions and find another source you can trust, and then painstakingly follow the tutorial you’ve chosen. You may have to wait to schedule a service call when you work with the professionals, but an Arthur Hagar team member has the skill and experience to determine the problem with your HVAC system and address it efficiently.

2. Save Money

DIY HVAC repairs may seem like an affordable alternative to paying for the expertise of a professional technician, but it’s likely to save you money in the long term. If you decide to tackle a problem on your own, chances are good that you will have to shop for and buy the parts and tools that you will need. That is not to mention the financial consequences if you botch the repair job or damage something else in the process. A professional technician already has access to all the tools and parts necessary to repair your heating and cooling system, and if you call Arthur Hagar, we strive to make sure the technician we send has the resources to perform most repairs on-site immediately.

3. Get High-Quality Parts

Not only will an Arthur Hagar HVAC specialist have access to the parts they need, but they will also make sure that the parts they utilize in every repair are of the highest quality. Many would-be DIYers don’t have the expertise to choose parts based on anything but price and specifications, and this can affect the quality of the repair and its long-term efficacy. A professional technician will make sure the repair is done well and with the best materials from the start.

4. Enjoy Long-Term Solutions

One of the greatest advantages of choosing to rely on an experienced team like Arthur Hagar is that you can rest assured that the repair was done well, and the same problem won’t haunt you into the future. Repairs done by someone with less knowledge, skill, or surety can be faulty or short-lived. You may find yourself revisiting the same problem or broken part over and over again, or having to address another issue stemming from flaws in the original “repair.”

5. Trusted Professionals

How do you know you’re working with professionals? Arthur Hagar technicians are highly trained on HVAC systems of all brands, and we’ll ensure that we have the right permits and permissions to complete your service call. This can make a big difference if you are still within the warranty period of your appliance, as bad parts or unapproved repairs can void whatever coverage the manufacturer offers. It can also give you peace of mind knowing that you chose Fort Worth’s Top Rated Local® HVAC specialists, with a reputation for exceptional customer service that has kept us in business since 1949.

Are you experiencing problems with your heating and cooling system? Pick up the phone instead of the screwdriver and let the team here at Arthur Hagar take care of whatever HVAC repairs you need. We make our services affordable, efficient, and effective. Contact us today to schedule your service call!

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Problems with your heating and air conditioning can be frustrating, but when you have Fort Worth’s Top Rated Local® HVAC specialists on your side, you can rest assured that the problem will be solved quickly. The Arthur Hagar team is here for you, and we’ll do everything we can to make your home comfortable again. Let us handle HVAC repairs, and find peace of mind with the team that has a more than 65-year-long history of quality. You can also contact us to address any other HVAC needs or concerns you may have, whether you need to schedule your next HVAC maintenance appointment or you’re looking for dependable new equipment and trustworthy installation services. We look forward to working with you!


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