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Arthur Hagar Air Conditioning & Heating offers leading residential HVAC services including ac repair, heating repair, and HVAC maintenance, in Fort Worth. Our HVAC technicians have decades of experience in troubleshooting your air conditioning unit and furnace. If you suspect an HVAC problem, we can help. Below, we’ll review some of our reputable HVAC services in Fort Worth. Call us today for your next HVAC tune-up!


Let’s face it, the summers in Fort Worth, Texas, can be brutal. The days are long and hot, and they never seem to cool down all that much at night. Humidity strikes, and Texans are hit with a double-whammy of misery. Luckily, Arthur Hagar Air Conditioning & Heating can help. We offer the best air conditioning repair services throughout Fort Worth. Learn more about our Air Conditioning Services for Fort Worth residents below.

Air Conditioning Repair

We can quickly and easily diagnose the problems with your unit and provide you with the most economical repair options so you can get the system fixed and get on with your life. Some of the common signs to be on the lookout for when your air conditioner is about to take a turn for the worse include:

  • Warm air blowing out of your vents instead of cool air.
  • Air not flowing at all out of your vents.
  • Your air conditioner seems to be constantly running.
  • Your air conditioner starts to make weird sounds.
  • You notice weird smells coming from your air conditioner.
  • The air inside your home feels unusually humid.

When you suspect an AC problem, give us a call. It’s much better to fix your AC unit today then put it off and have a major repair job on your hands instead of a small one. Our expert AC repair technicians will be out in a jiffy to get your AC purring like a kitten once again. Call today!

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Like all things mechanical, your air conditioning unit needs a tune-up every now and then in order to keep running efficiently and smoothly. Here at Arthur Hagar Air Conditioning & Heating in Fort Worth, we’re pleased to offer year-round maintenance for your HVAC system that can help you keep your unit working properly and catch small issues before they become major issues.

Some of the common AC maintenance services we perform include:

  • We clean the condenser coils of your AC unit, which will increase its efficiency and reduce wear and tear on your cooling system.
  • We will calibrate your thermostat to ensure it is functioning properly.
  • We will tighten and/or replace all electrical components so that they remain safe for operation.
  • We will check your blower motor and blower belt for signs of replacement or repair.
  • We will ensure your air conditioning refrigerant is up-to-speed and topped off.
  • We will check your ductwork for any signs of errant airflow.
  • We will inspect the condensation drain for any signs of blockage or backup.
  • We will inspect any and all moving parts to ensure they are functioning properly.

As you can see, an air conditioning unit and system consists of many components that should be checked on an annual basis in order to ensure they are functioning properly, are as efficient as possible, in order to save on your electric bill, and to reduce undue wear and tear on your system. Call Arthur Hagar Air Conditioning & Heating for your next AC tune-up today!

Air Conditioning Installation

It’s safe to say that most Fort Worth residents have some type of air conditioning unit in their home, whether it’s central air conditioning or it’s a window unit. However, many people would like to upgrade their current air conditioning system or replace it as it’s on its last legs, Not all AC systems can be saved, and sometimes the improved performance and energy savings make installing a new HVAC system a sensible idea. Our sales team is experienced and knowledgeable enough to guide you through a selection of systems that will fit your needs and your budget.

Some common signs you need air conditioning replacement services from Arthur Hagar Air Conditioning & Heating include:

  • Your AC unit needs constant repairs.
  • You notice water around your unit on a perpetual basis.
  • Your utility bill has increased substantially.
  • Your AC unit never stops running.
  • Your air conditioner is over 10 years old.
  • Your AC unit plain won’t turn on.

We offer the best AC installation services in the Fort Worth area. We are a Carrier Authorized Dealer, bringing you the best air conditioning units available. When you partner with us for a new air conditioning installation in Fort Worth, you will be getting an energy-efficient AC unit that will keep you cool when the Texas summer hits. Call today for your AC installation estimate!


Furnace Repair

Here in Fort Worth, the winters can get quite cold, so you need a great running furnace for those cold nights and chilly days. A furnace keeps your house temperature nice and warm, and on those long winter nights, your furnace will make getting out of bed while it’s still dark out bearable. And when your furnace is in need of heating repair, it will most likely tell you so. Some common signs of furnace repair include:

  • You have higher than normal utility bills.
  • You notice that your pilot light is yellow.
  • You’re still cold even after you’ve turned the furnace up.
  • Your furnace is blowing cold air.
  • You hear strange noises coming from your furnace.
  • Your thermostat does not seem to be working.

If you notice any of the above signs, give us a call. Our reputable furnace repair technicians at Arthur Hagar Air Conditioning & Heating will be out in a flash to inspect, diagnose, and repair your furnace in your Fort Worth home. Often, it’s just a minor fix, and your furnace will be as good as new. Call us today!

Furnace Maintenance

Showing your furnace some love won’t hurt it; in fact, your furnace will thank you for it. Here at Arthur Hagar Air Conditioning & Heating in Fort Worth, we are big proponents of regular maintenance and tune-ups of your furnace. While you need your furnace here in Fort Worth, it tends to be used a lot less frequently in other locations in the United States. As such, it spends a better portion of the year just sitting. This can lead to inefficiencies when you go to start it up when the cold hits, which would require a furnace maintenance visit to get your furnace back on track. Some of the common furnace maintenance services we perform include:

  • We inspect your furnace for any signs of cracks or wear and tear.
  • We perform a thorough cleaning of your furnace’s blower, fan blades, drain lines, and other dirty spots, including your air filter.
  • We test all of the major components to ensure its operating efficiently. These include the fuel pressure, airflow, pilot light and igniter, and the thermostat.
  • We lubricate moving parts.
  • We’ll check any concerns you may have.

A good furnace tune-up will help to promote the longevity of your furnace and get it ready for the winter. An emergency call for heating repair in the middle of a cold winter’s night is highly unlikely when you have regular annual furnace tune-ups performed. Give Arthur Hagar Air Conditioning & Heating in Fort Worth a call today!

Furnace Installation

Sometimes there may be no hope of saving your old furnace, and you’ll have to invest in a new one. Furnaces do wear out over time. Some common signs your furnace may need replacing include:

  • Your furnace is over 15 years old.
  • Your furnace needs frequent heating repairs from your local furnace repair technicians at Arthur Hagar Air Conditioning & Heating.
  • Your furnace is only blowing cold air.
  • Your furnace is not effectively heating your entire home.
  • You notice condensation on the windows.
  • Your furnace keeps kicking off before the temperature you set on the thermostat has been reached.
  • Your home or office heating bills have increased noticeably.

If you suspect your furnace may be near the end and about to give up the ghost, give us a call. Our expert furnace technicians at Arthur Hagar Air Conditioning & Heating can inspect your furnace and give a recommendation on furnace installation. We carry Carrier furnaces, which are energy-efficient and top-of-the-line. We can install your new furnace quickly and efficiently. Give us a call today!

Choose The Most Experienced HVAC Team

If you’re in the Fort Worth area and need residential air conditioning and heating, you have many choices. But only one name with more than 65 years of experience: Arthur Hagar Air Conditioning and Heating. We are the sensible choice. Join the thousands who call on Arthur Hagar Air Conditioning and Heating every year to get the best service.

We understand that replacing your air conditioner or furnace can be expensive. Thus, we offer financing *subject to credit approval for all of your heating and cooling needs, so you won’t have to worry about paying for it all at once. We believe in carrying only environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient products that will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but will also save you money in utility costs as well. We are here to help with all of your residential heating and cooling needs, from furnace installation to AC repair. It’s important to keep your family comfortable no matter what the season. It improves your quality of life, makes you more productive, and eliminates worry.

Arthur Hagar Air Conditioning & Heating has more than 65 years of operating experience in the Fort Worth area as a one-stop air conditioning and heating company for homeowners. We are a Carrier Authorized Dealer, and no matter what needs to be done to your HVAC system, we offer expert service that’s sure to put things right, quickly and efficiently.

Contact us right away at 817-478-1122 or click here to schedule a service call, then relax and let us take charge of your heating and air conditioning needs. You’ll be glad you did!

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