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4 Hacks to Help Your Air Conditioner

In the summer heat of Texas, you are probably more grateful than ever for your air conditioner. The thought of it breaking down one day and needing to be replaced isn’t likely a pleasant one, but there are a few things you can do to make sure that day won’t come any time soon. The key to saving energy, money, and extending the life of your AC unit is giving your air conditioning system a break. In today’s post, we’ll be discussing a few at-home hacks that you can use to avoid running your air conditioner as often or at such high power levels.

Arthur Hagar wants to make sure your home stays comfortable throughout the year, which is why we offer air conditioning maintenance and repair services whenever you need them. You can read our last blog post to learn the first four steps we recommend when trying to extend the life of your AC unit. Keeping your outdoor unit clean, inspecting your vents and air filters, and scheduling regular maintenance with your local HVAC specialist are all great ways you can keep your air conditioning in peak condition. For even more advice, read on for more unconventional tips, and schedule an air conditioning check-up with Arthur Hagar today!

Dry Your Clothes at Night

When you are trying to stay cool and use your air conditioner less, it’s important that you keep an eye on any sources of heat in your house. Your clothes dryer is one of those sources. A gas or electric dryer will add warm air to your home, which means your AC unit will have to work harder to counteract the effects. If you need to use a clothes dryer, run it at night when it’s naturally cooler outside, and you can save your air conditioner a little extra effort.

Install Blinds or Curtains

Another way to naturally reduce the temperature of your home is to block sunlight coming into your home. It may be beautiful outside, but the heat of the sun will challenge your air conditioner to keep up. An easy way to cut down on this heat is to add a set of blinds or curtains. If you’re willing to make more of an investment, you can also try insulated window treatments. Window treatments of any kind will be more expensive than curtains, but they will also be more effective at keeping the inside of your home at a more pleasant temperature.

Use Fans

The simplest way to reduce your air conditioner’s workload is to find other ways to cool your home. Ceiling or box fans can be great alternatives if all you need to feel comfortable is a breeze. They also provide more targeted relief from the heat, so instead of trying to cool the entire house, you just need to turn on the fan in whatever room you’re occupying.

Get a Programmable Thermostat

For a more high-tech way to reduce energy consumption and extend the life of your AC unit, install a programmable thermostat. Old thermostats that need buttons pushed in order to adjust the temperature up or down are inefficient in more ways than one. A programmable thermostat puts the control in your hands, even when you aren’t there to push buttons. It allows you to set different temperatures for different times, so the air conditioner doesn’t have to run at full blast all day long. Give it a break for those times when you’re asleep or away at work. You can also set different temperatures for specific dates, like when you’re on vacation, so your air conditioner isn’t cooling an empty house. A programmable thermostat can help you be more energy efficient and give you peace of mind knowing that your AC unit isn’t working harder than it needs to be.

With just a few changes, you can cut your energy bills and the workload on your air conditioner. Reduce the temperature in your home by blocking sunlight with curtains and using heat-producing appliances like your clothes dryer at night when it’s naturally cooler. Minimize unnecessary work for your air conditioner by using electric fans and, for the biggest effect, switching to a programmable thermostat. Arthur Hagar can help keep your AC unit in peak condition with regular maintenance, and as a Carrier authorized dealer, we can also help you find a new thermostat to meet your needs. Explore our site to learn more about all our air conditioning services and call today for an estimate!

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