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As a resident of Fort Worth, you understand just how important it is to have HVAC equipment that functions properly and efficiently. At Arthur Hagar Air Conditioning and Heating, our priority is to ensure that you stay cool and comfortable during the hot summer months and warm and cozy during the winter. In addition to indoor temperatures, we also aim to ensure that your indoor air quality is as pure as possible. As a proud Carrier® Factory Authorized Dealer, we offer several high-quality options for new HVAC equipment and we are trained to service and repair all brands of heating and cooling systems. To learn more about our residential HVAC services, give us a call or read the articles below!

Residential HVAC Maintenance Tips

Residential HVAC Maintenance Tips arthur hagar fort worth

In our last blog post, we reviewed some of the items our HVAC specialists check when you call Arthur Hagar for an HVAC inspection and/or maintenance for your Fort Worth home. While no means exhaustive, we gave you a good idea of what we do when you call us for your regular HVAC maintenance service. That being said, there are some things you, as a homeowner, can do to help your residential HVAC system run at peak performance in-between our visits.

Arthur Hagar has been helping the residents and business owners of Fort Worth stay comfortable since 1949 with our superior residential and commercial HVAC services. We are a partner with Carrier, one of the leading heating and cooling manufacturers in the world. We offer energy-efficient HVAC systems that are long-lasting, affordable, and that will help you to reduce your carbon footprint. Below, we’ll offer up some residential HVAC maintenance tips. Call us for an HVAC service today!


Check Your Air Filters

While you’ve probably heard this piece of advice a million times, you’d be surprised how many Fort Worth homeowners don’t make the time to change their heating and air conditioning air filters. While our HVAC technicians will check and change your air filters when we come for your HVAC maintenance, we don’t come as often as your filter becomes clogged. The rule of thumb to go by is that you should change your filter every 30 to 90 days. This will vary in every household depending on a variety of factors, such as how many people are in the home and if you have pets. Our residential HVAC specialists recommend that you invest in the pleated air filters, which work better to capture the small particulates in your air than traditional air filters. You may want to set a reminder to do this every few months. However, some smart thermostats will have an indicator light to tell you when it’s time to change your HVAC air filters, which can be super helpful.

Don’t Ignore Weird Sounds

Any time anything makes a sound that is outside the norm, it should be investigated. This holds for your heating and cooling system as well. From rattling and bumping to grinding or buzzing, if you hear any of these types of sounds coming from your air conditioner or furnace, you should call a professional HVAC technician to check it out. Odds are, something is off, and the sooner these types of problems can be fixed, the less damage that can occur. You’ll also want to pay attention if you notice fluctuations in different rooms with the temperature, puddles around any units, or problems with your thermostat. If you suspect an HVAC problem, it’s best to have these investigated right away. Call Arthur Hagar to get started.

Ensure Regular Maintenance

You can prevent up to 95 percent of all HVAC repairs by scheduling regular tune-ups for both your heating and cooling systems. This will catch all of those little things that can turn into big things, such as loose wiring or cracks in your furnace. You’ll keep your HVAC system for your Fort Worth home operating at peak capacity, saving you energy and money in the long run. This is a simple thing you can do that will pay off volumes in the end.

Clean Your Vents

Taking care of your ductwork is important as well as your main heating and cooling units. Your ductwork is what transports your treated air throughout your home. That being said, air carries tiny, microscopic particles, such as allergens, dust, and pollutants, that we don’t want to breathe in. These tiny particles are deposited in your ductwork, including around your vents, that can then collect into dust piles. If left over time, these dust piles can then lead to inefficiencies in your HVAC system as air has to travel over them. By regularly vacuuming your vents, you’ll keep dust and dirt from building up and inhibiting airflow, making your residential HVAC system work harder than it needs to.

Make Sure Nothing is Blocked

Since your air conditioning unit sits outside, dirt and debris can collect around it, which can inhibit air flow. Debris can also fall into your air conditioning unit, causing problems as well. Our residential HVAC technicians recommend that you regularly check your outside AC unit for any obstructions and remove them ASAP. Ensuring no furniture or other items are blocking your return vents is important as well to maintain adequate airflow and prevent overuse of your residential heating and cooling system.


Arthur Hagar has over 65 years of heating and cooling experience. Our team offers residential, commercial, and new construction HVAC services, from installation to repairs and maintenance, in the Fort Worth area. Our HVAC technicians undergo regular training in order to keep up with the changing technology that makes your residential and commercial HVAC systems more energy-efficient and last longer. We are a Carrier Authorized Dealer because we believe that Carrier offers the best HVAC systems for performance, longevity, quality, and durability. We offer great warranties and HVAC repair procedures, as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We offer superb customer service throughout the lifetime of your Carrier product. We’re here when you need us.

If you are interested in a residential or commercial HVAC system for your Fort Worth home or business, call us today!

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