Is Your Thermostat in the Right Location?

Is Your Thermostat in the Right Location?

During the hot summer and the cold winter, maintaining a steady, comfortable temperature inside of your home can be challenging, however, there are a couple of things that can help make it easier. Making sure your thermostat is installed in an optimal location is one way to ensure HVAC efficiency in your home. Another way is having your HVAC system maintained frequently by a professional like Arthur Hagar Air Conditioning and Heating.

In today’s blog, we’ll share some tips for ideal thermostat placement in your home. Concerned your thermostat needs to be replaced? We are a Carrier® Factory Authorized Dealer and we’d be happy to review and discuss your options for a replacement thermostat. Read on to learn more, and if it’s been awhile since your AC unit or furnace was inspected, contact us to schedule a maintenance visit or request an estimate on a Carrier thermostat!

Center of Your Home

Ideally, you want to place your thermostat in a location that is not subject to a lot of temperature fluctuations resulting from drafts or heat sources. For most people, the center of your home is the safest bet for finding the most steady temperature because it’s typically not exposed to many major increases or decreases in ambient temperature. In addition to minimal changes in temperature, the center of your home is usually the most active area of your house. Placing your thermostat in the middle of your house will also allow for convenient access for adjustments.

Interior Wall

Because you want to avoid areas that have extreme temperature fluctuations, we also recommend installing your thermostat on an interior wall of your home. Even with the best construction methods and insulation, exterior walls can be cold in the winter and hot in the summer, causing your HVAC equipment to work overtime. If you’re unable to install your thermostat on an interior wall for some reason, aim for a wall that has minimal change between sun and shade will help ensure a more steady base temperature for your thermostat.

Areas to Avoid

While you’re trying to determine the best place to install your thermostat in your home, it might be helpful to know what areas are best avoided and why:

  • Shared walls. If your thermostat shares a wall with an HVAC duct or vent, the hot and cold radiating off the HVAC equipment could influence your thermostat’s temperature reading.
  • Walls near the kitchen. This is the room in your home that puts off the most heat. Increased heat from the kitchen could make your AC work harder than it needs to or prevent your heater from kicking on when it should.
  • Walls exposed to direct sunlight. It might seem like a no-brainer, but this can significantly impact thermostat readings. Before installing your thermostat, make sure you know which interior walls get the most sun exposure.
  • Hallways, doors, and windows. All of these areas allow increased airflow, resulting in drafts and other conditions that are not optimal for accurate thermostat readings.

Whether you have an older thermostat or a new one, placing it in the right area of your home can have a significant impact on how frequently your AC and heat kick on. To ensure optimal performance and energy-efficiency, you don’t want your HVAC equipment to work any harder than it has to.

Arthur Hagar Air Conditioning and Heating has provided the Fort Worth area with industry-leading HVAC service, maintenance, repair, and installation for more than 65 years, and we’d love to speak with you about proper placement and operation of your thermostat. If you’re researching replacement options, we’d love to discuss your options with you! Carrier thermostats come in every style and you’re sure to find one that meets your heating and cooling needs.

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