Residential HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Maintaining your heating and cooling system is of the utmost importance since staying comfortable affects so many of your life’s activities, such as having energy to accomplish chores around the house to getting a good night’s sleep. When you invest in regular HVAC maintenance, you’ll ward off major HVAC repairs, save money on utility bills, and lessen wear and tear on your air conditioner and furnace. 

Arthur Hagar offers the best residential and commercial air conditioning and heating services in the Fort Worth area. With over 65 years in the HVAC business, we know that preventative maintenance for your residential HVAC system is the key to its longevity. Below, we’ll take a look at what a good residential HVAC maintenance checklist looks like. Call our HVAC company for service at your Fort Worth home today!


  • Clean your filters and/or replace them. Filters are integral to the health of your HVAC system. Since all of the air in your home will pass through these filters as it is treated, it’s super important to change them or replace them when they are full of allergens, pollutants, and other contaminants. Not only does this prevent these particulates from being reciculated, but it also allows your residential HVAC system to operate at maximum efficiency.
  • Clean condenser and evaporator coils on AC unit. These HVAC components are the parts responsible for the actual cooling of your treated air. You want to make sure that they are clean so that they can do their job properly.
  • Check the fan and blower on your furnace. These parts are responsible for ensuring the treated heated air makes it to the rest of your home. As such, make sure they are in good working order every year.
  • Clean drain lines and drain pans. These HVAC components in your air conditioner ensure that the water that forms when your refrigerant is converted from liquid to a gas is removed.
  • Check the heat exchanger and/or heating elements. Your heating element is what heats the air in your home, which the fan then blows out,while the heat exchanger transfers heat from one place to another. It’s important that these components of your HVAC system work properly so that you can stay comfortable during the winter months.
  • Check electrical connections. Your HVAC system requires electricity to operate. If a wire is loose, it can cause either your residential HVAC system to not operate or a part to not work, which can cause problems later on.
  • Check your thermostat. Your thermostat is the heart of your HVAC system. It controls the temperature in your home, which means it tells your HVAC system when to turn on and off in order to maintain that temperature. For the most part, thermostats do their job quite well. However, sometimes they have to be recalibrated and their electrical components should be checked every year for functionality.
  • Lubricate moving parts. Lubricant helps to ensure your HVAC system does not suffer undue wear and tear from parts moving against each other. By applying lubricant to your motor bearings, motor, and other moving parts, you’ll help your residential HVAC system continue to do its job for years to come.


Arthur Hagar has been the leading residential and commercial HVAC contractor in Fort Worth since 1949. While the technology of your heating and cooling system has changed tremendously, customer service has not. We pride ourselves on offering you the best customer experience for your HVAC installation, repair, replacement, or maintenance service. Our top-notch technicians undergo continual training in order to stay abreast of the latest in HVAC technology and repairs. When you call us for air conditioning or furnace repair, we can quickly diagnose your system’s problem and get it up and running once again. Our team works with Fort Worth new home builders, planning and designing the perfect HVAC system for the new family’s home. From heat pumps and energy-efficient furnace and air conditioning units to air cleaners and thermostats, we’ve got your residential HVAC needs covered.

If you are looking for a replacement HVAC system or you just need your home’s air conditioner or furnace checked and maintained before the season hits, give Arthur Hagar a call today!


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