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Adjust Your HVAC System for Vacation

Adjust Your HVAC System for Vacation arthur hagar fort worth

Summer is here in Fort Worth, and many of us are planning our vacations. After a long winter, it’s refreshing to get a change of scenery and renew our spirits. From packing your bags and making travel arrangements to ensuring all of the laundry is done and the pets are cared for, you’ve got a lot to do and to remember before you go. One of these tasks you need to remember is to adjust your HVAC system for vacation.

Arthur Hagar has been serving the people of Fort Worth with the best HVAC services. We offer AC repair and installation, as well as HVAC maintenance and heating repair. For over 60 years, we’ve been offering both residential and commercial HVAC services, adopting new technology and innovating procedures, as well as ensuring our customer care standards remain top priority. Below, we’ll go over some tips for adjusting your HVAC system while you are away on vacation. Contact our HVAC company today!


Never Turn Your HVAC System Off

Your HVAC system was built to be running on a continual basis. It doesn’t need a break, so to speak. The one thing you never want to do while you are away is turn your heating or cooling off completely. In the winter, you’ll risk frozen pipes, and in the summer, you could risk a sweltering home that could cause damage to other electronics in the home, not to mention your cats and dogs if you are having a pet sitter visit.

Adjust Around Four Degrees in Either Direction

Our HVAC experts recommend that you adjust your HVAC system four degrees in either direction — meaning in the summer, you turn your AC unit up four degrees, and in the winter you turn your heating down four degrees — never going below 60 degrees in the winter time. If you adjust your HVAC any more than that, you could actually be spending more than you’re saving in utility costs because of the power it takes to return your HVAC to normal temperatures when you return.

Heat Or Cool Your Home Before Your Return

If you have a newer thermostat or a smart thermostat, you can program it to turn on right before you arrive home. If you are driving and are unsure when that will be, you can use your mobile device to control it. Let’s face it, if you are vacationing in a warm location in winter, the last thing you want is to return to a cold home, and vice versa in the summertime. While vacations are fun, they can be a lot of work, and coming home to a comfortable home can help you with all the laundry you have to do.


Arthur Hagar offers residential and commercial HVAC services in Fort Worth. Since 1949, we’ve been offering AC repair, installation, and maintenance, as well as furnace repair, tune-ups, and installation services. We’ve built a reputation for attention to detail, the highest quality products as a Carrier dealer, and top-notch customer care. Call us today for your HVAC service needs!

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