Energy-Saving Tips for Winter, Part 1

When the temperatures drop, your energy bill probably rises. Whether you want to minimize your impact on the environment or you want to save money on that next bill – or both! – Arthur Hagar can help. We’ve been your trusted heating and cooling experts in Fort Worth for more than 65 years, and we offer all the HVAC services you need, from installation of new appliances to maintenance and repair. We want to make sure you stay comfortable, no matter the weather outside. Read part one of our series on saving energy during the winter and call to schedule your HVAC service call today!

Bundle Up

The simplest way to lower your energy use is to turn down the thermostat and throw on a sweater. It’s the perfect opportunity to cuddle with your partner or enjoy those ridiculous fuzzy socks hiding in your dresser! For cozy movie nights, keep blankets on the couch. You can also add rugs to cold surfaces like hardwood or laminate floors to both reduce noise and add insulation.

Take Advantage of the Sun

It’s free heat! Open your curtains on bright days – especially on south-facing windows – to let the sun drive down your energy bill. To boost the effect, keep your windows clean. Fingerprints from curious kids or smeared nose prints from excited pets can prevent some light from making it inside. When the sun goes down, make sure you close the curtains again to trap that heat inside.

Sleep Cool

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can save 10 percent on your heating bill every year by turning down your thermostat seven to ten degrees for eight hours a day. The most painless way to do this? Let the temperature drop while you’re sleeping. A warm comforter and a set of flannel sheets will ensure you stay nice and cozy while you save money. A programmable thermostat can make it easy for you and adjust the temperature automatically.

Only Heat the Rooms You Use

Why waste heat on rooms you haven’t walked through in weeks? Check rooms you reserve for guests or storage and close the vents to direct heat to the rooms you do use. You should also check to see if heat is being directed to un-insulated rooms like your garage or attic. These areas are the worst culprits of energy waste.

Another way to limit unnecessary energy use is to get a portable space heater. It’s a great way to concentrate heat on only the rooms you are currently using. Yes, it will use power, but the money you save keeping the rest of your house cooler should more than cover the cost.

Try A Humidifier

Humid air retains heat better and feels warmer than dry air. A humidifier will not only help you stay comfortable in cooler temperatures when you lower the thermostat, but it will also prevent other uncomfortable symptoms of dry winter air, like dry skin, cracked lips, and a scratchy throat. You may even be able control the humidity in your home with the right thermostat.

There are no downsides to reducing your energy bill. Not only are you saving money, but you’re also protecting the environment. It may take a while for your family to get used to lower temperatures at night or remember to open the curtains in the morning, but your wallet will thank you. We here at Arthur Hagar want to make saving energy and staying comfortable as easy as possible, which is why we offer a series of programmable thermostats and a wide variety of HVAC services. Look for part two of this series of energy-saving tips and call Arthur Hagar today for your heating repair and maintenance needs!

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