Best AC Units for New Construction

Having a custom home built is an exciting time, indeed. You have the exact floor plan and layout that you want. You have picked out your appliances and your kitchen countertops. You have planned what each room will hold. But before you get to move in and enjoy your beautiful new living space, you need to think about all of the foundational work that goes into a new construction home, including the HVAC system.

Arthur Hagar offers the best HVAC systems for new construction, including AC units, in the Fort Worth area. We are an authorized Carrier dealer, which is a designation that not many other heating and air companies carry. We offer energy-efficient HVAC systems to save you time and money as well. With a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, we can’t wait to serve you. Below, we’ll take a look at the best AC units for new construction. Contact our Fort Worth HVAC company to get started today!


SEER Ratings

Carrier air conditioners are consistently ranked at the top of its class year after year. They are top in SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings. This is the ratio between cooling output divided by the energy used in watt hours. The higher the SEER rating, the more comfort you get from each dollar you spend. It’s very much like the average miles per gallon that your car gets. It also is a great measure of the energy efficiency of your air conditioning system. For the most part, you want a SEER rating over 13 for the best performance and energy efficiency. Carrier offers up to a 21 SEER rating, which is the highest on the market today.

Affordable Repairs

When things in your home begin to wear down and break, it can be costly. One of the best features of a Carrier system is that the repairs are usually very affordable. Carrier also invests a lot of time in issuing it’s certifications in order to reassure homeowners and business owners in Fort Worth that when they partner with an authorized Carrier dealer that the technicians are trained as well.

Excellent Warranty

One of the best things about investing in new construction is that when you move in, you can rest assured that everything works and will continue to do so for a while. This includes your new construction HVAC system. Plus, almost everything electronic or appliance-related will have a warranty so that if there is a manufacturer’s defect, you can get a replacement fairly easily. Carrier offers a comprehensive warranty for up to 10 years on certain air conditioning systems. Ask your Arthur Hagar heating and cooling technician for details.


Arthur Hagar loves to partner with area home builders and commercial construction contractors in order to bring you the best HVAC systems for your new construction builds. Many of Carriers’ air conditioning units have earned the ENERGY STAR® designation that helps to provide you with the optimal comfort. We have air conditioners to fit all budgets and needs. When you call our HVAC company in Fort Worth, a friendly technician can help answer all of your questions and help you decide which heating and cooling system will be the best for your new construction build.

For over 65 years, Arthur Hagar has been providing the best indoor air quality and control systems in Fort Worth. We can help new construction builders and custom home contractors with a design/build of their HVAC systems. We offer competitive pricing on the highest-quality heating and cooling systems that are durable, long-lasting, and reliable. Reach out to inquire about a partnership today!

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